Spool Tech Docs

External Entities

All entities which are of importance for the Spool Ecosystem but not explicit part of it.

DeFi Protocols

External Yield Generators used to generate yield. The Spool Ecosystem uses Strategy Adapters to deposit to these Yield Generators, which are DeFi protocols.

End Users (Spool)

End Users in the Spool Ecosystem are users who stake SPOOL Tokens, participate in Spools (Vaults), and are generally involved with Spool.


Software which manage a public and private key, used to hold and transact cryptocurrencies.

Open Market

The "Open Market", a freely traded market on which no influence is exercised by a single entity.

Reward Tokens

Tokens given by DeFi Protocols to End Users in order to incentivize participation.


Crypto tokens which are built to reflect the value of one (1) United States Dollar.


The biggest Decentralized Exchange on Ethereum. Used to swap assets for each other.