Spool Tech Docs

Staking Technical Overview

The RewardDistributor Smart Contract holds all Reward Tokens, while voSPOOL Rewards and SPOOL Staking are number holders. Both these contracts (voSPOOL Rewards and SPOOL Staking) tell the RewardDistributor where to send rewards and how much of them.
With the exception of the SPOOL Token Contract and the voSPOOL Token Contract, all these contracts are upgradeable. Click here to read more about Upgradability.
voSPOOL stops accruing to a given user after three (3) years, given that at the end of this period the maximum amount of voSPOOL a user can accrue has been achieved. The maximum voSPOOL to be accrued is easily solveable through the 1 SPOOL = 1 voSPOOL equation. Unstaking any amount of SPOOL burns all voSPOOL.
voSPOOL Rewards are only obtained through staking SPOOL Tokens and, therefore the preDAO receives voSPOOL excluding all accompanying rewards.