Spool Tech Docs

Staking System Layout

The voSPOOL Governance and SPOOL Token Staking Systems are the core of the governance and revenue distribution within the Spool Ecosystem. The functioning of these systems revolves around 5 (five) Smart Contracts, namely:
The voSPOOL Token Contract is a contract that partially inherits the ERC20 standard. The key difference between voSPOOL and any other ERC20 Token is the non-transferability of voSPOOL.
A regular ERC20 Token implementation for the SPOOL DAO Token as detailed in:
The SPOOL DAO Token ticker is $SPOOL.
SPOOL Token Staking Contract where SPOOL Stakers are rewarded with the Protocol Generated Revenue as well as SPOOL Tokens.
Helper contract to keep track of the SPOOL Token Rewards for accrued voSPOOL by SPOOL Token Stakers.
The RewardDistributor Contract holds rewards for SPOOL Token Stakers and voSPOOL Holders. These rewards are SPOOL Tokens or any other ERC20 Token Rewards. The Contract distributes rewards on demand of the SpoolStaking Contract.