Spool Tech Docs

Spool Stack

On this page an overview is given of the entire Spool Stack and its respective language(s).

Smart Contracts

All Smart Contracts are written in Solidity, and can be found here.

Subgraph Server

Client Subgraph, can be found here:

Software Development Kit (SDK)

SDK written in JavaScript (TypeScript), the SDK is an NPM package. More info on the SDK can be found here.

Front End (Website + Application)

The Spool Front End, website and application, are both written in (non-native) React.

Back End

The Back End is written in NodeJS. (Curious about NodeJS? Read more here: External link)

Database Server

The database server writes data to the database, the Back End stores historical data and Spool-related statistics. The database contains data on Strategy APYs, Spool APYs, Spool TVRs, Platform TVR, and Spool APYs from incentive tokens.

API Server

The API server is written in Dotnet Core, its main function is to read data from the database and push this data to the API. The following swagger can be used to interact with the API: https://analytics.spool.fi/swagger/index.html