Spool Tech Docs

Spool Glossary

Short explainers on all Spool specific terms used within this documentation.

A Spool (Vault)

A Spool refers to a single "vault" within the Spool Ecosystem, often referred to as simply a "Vault".

Allocation Provider

The entity responsible for setting the percentage allocations of a particular Spool (Vaults) Strategy setup, at genesis only the Spool DAO will hold this role. The allocation provider translates the Risk Scores into finalized allocation percentages for the deployed capital of a given Spool (Vault)).


Whitelisted entities which execute DoHardWorks and therefore, carry the responsibility of maintaining the smooth operation of the Spool Ecosystem.

Emergency Withdrawer

Whitelisted entity allowed to start a Emergency Withdrawal, this entity does not receive funds upon successful completion of an Emergency Withdrawal.


DAO consisting of DeFi founders and stakeholders which fueled the initial launch of Spool. The PreDAO has been transformed into a full-fledged DAO with the implementation of the ability for any Token Holder to obtain voSPOOL and participate in Governance.

Protocol Generated Revenue (PGR)

Revenue generated by the Spool Protocol. This revenue gets generated thanks to Performance Fees and is paid out to SPOOL Token Holders.

Risk Model

A Risk Model quantifies the Risk Score per Yield Generator.

Risk Model Provider

The creator of a given Risk Model, also responsible for maintaining the respective Risk Scores of their Risk Model.

Risk Score

The Score given by the Risk Model to a particular Protocol. Between 1 and 10.

Risk Appetite

User given appetite for risk within a Spool. Number between 1 and 10.

Spool Creator

The creator of a Spool "Vault".


General participant within the Spool Ecosystem.

Spool Improvement Proposal's (SIP's)

Proposals to the DAO to make changes and improvements to the Spool Ecosystem.


The SPOOL Ecosystem Token.

Spool DAO

The DAO overseeing the entire Spool Ecosystem.

Spool DAO Treasury

The treasury of the Spool DAO, described in detail in the user documentation found here.

Spool Ecosystem

The Spool Ecosystem is an acronym for all things Spool, from the SPOOL Token to the Spools (Vaults) and from voSPOOL to the Master Spool, they all fall under the "Spool Ecosystem".

Spool Protocol

A name under which all Smart Contracts making up the Spool Ecosystem are unified.

Total Value Routed

Most Decentralized Finance Protocols define their locked value in a metric named "Total Value Locked" which is often referred to as "TVL". Spool routes liquidity to external DeFi Protocols and therefore, it makes most sense to express liquidity in Spool as "Total Value Routed", abbreviated to "TVR".


The voting token for the Spool Ecosystem.