Spool Tech Docs


The SPOOL DAO Token is a standard ERC20 Token with a maximum supply of 210,000,000.00 tokens. Since the SPOOL Token is a regular ERC20 implementation there is limited depth to its technical implementation.

Economical Utility

Technical Utility

  • The SPOOL Token accrues revenue through the mechanism outlined in Economical Utility
  • The SPOOL Token can be distributed to SPOOL Stakers and Spool (Vault) participants
  • Staking SPOOL Tokens accrues voSPOOL

Technical Implementation

The SPOOL DAO Token functions like any ERC20 Token, its respective implementation can be found here:
The GitHub found above contains the SPOOL DAO Token implementation, which is inherited from the OpenZeppelin ERC20 Standard (linked in the same repository).