Spool Tech Docs

Peripheral Mechanics

The Spool Ecosystem has some peripheral systems, mechanics, and logic in order to function properly. These mechanics and systems do not fall under the other high-level denominators and, therefore, have their own section.
The important peripherals to the functioning of Spool are:
The SPOOL DAO Token fuels the entire SPOOL Ecosystem and has a subset of important use cases detailed here. Additionally, the token is rewarded to users for using the Spool Protocol.
The voSPOOL Token is the voting token for Spool Governance as well as the voting token for the Economical Governance of emission routing for Spool. voSPOOL can be obtained through staking SPOOL Tokens.


External Decentralized Finance Protocols are the lifeblood of yield generation for Spool. Funds are routed to these protocols in a risk-managed and optimized manner in the expectancy of generating yield.
A separate helper contract allowing users to withdraw their funds in a single step, circumventing the cost efficient (but slower) Buffer System.
Server containing all relevant Spool Analytics for external parties to reference, things like TVL, Yield, Risk Scores, and more statistics related to the Spool Ecosystem are tracked, saved, and stored on an analytics Server. This Server also provides the initial allocations required upon creating a Spool.
DeFi has introduced all sorts of new (and partially incorrect) terminology to borrowing, lending, yield-per-annum and costs. In order to create ultimate transparency, this page is dedicated to explaining how profit calculations are done within the Spool Ecosystem.
SPOOL Tokens are emitted to Spools (Vaults) based on the revenue generated for the Spool DAO by a given vault and the amount of votes a respective Spool (Vault) received from voSPOOL Holders.