Spool Tech Docs

Master Spool Mechanics


An overview of all mechanics, systems, details and processes which make up the "Master Spool".


  • Central contract which all Spools (Vaults) interact with
  • Bookkeeping of all Spools (Vaults)
  • Central entry point of all deposits into any Spool (Vault)
  • Checking Strategy and Spool (Vault) validity
  • Maintaining the Strategy Registry
  • Pausing the system in case of emergency
  • Creating Spools (Vaults)
  • Adding and removing Strategies

Functional Requirements

During setup of the Spool Ecosystem the "Master Spool" and Controller need the following inputs to function:

Expected Output

  • Central source of truth for the entire Spool Ecosystem
  • Registry of all Vault (Spool) deposits and their respective locations (Strategies)
  • Ability to deposit and withdrawal
  • Deposits and withdrawals of End Users happen via a Spool (Vault) Smart Contract
    • And get passed consecutively to the Master Spool
  • Registry of current Spools (Vaults)
  • Registry of current Strategies

Relevant Entities

Relevant Implementations

Fact Sheet

    • System tracking all Vault (Spool) holdings and their respective locations (Strategies)
    • Constant self pointer for Strategy invocation
    • System responsible for the reallocation of funds within Strategies
    • System responsible for pausing the Spool Ecosystem in case of emergency
    • The Index System ensures sequential behavior is safeguarded within Spool
    • Temporarily holds funds upon deposit to allow for capital aggregation
  • The Master Spool in the technical documentation refers to the Spool.sol and Controller.sol implementations